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Did you know that we have created a cooling pillow that suits all types of sleepers?
The Cloud pillow is designed ergonomically and filled with cooling shredded memory foam, which adjusts to your posture and retains its shape for a long time. Furthermore, it provides more support to your neck than any other pillow, giving you the best of both worlds!
The Cloud pillow can help you get a perfect night's sleep by:
  • Being adjustable to your preference
  • Providing good support for your neck and body
  • Reducing neck complaints
It is perfect for all types of sleepers - Why? You can add or remove the foam according to your sleeping style:
  • For stomach sleepers, remove 2/3 of the foam
  • For back sleepers, try the total amount of the foam or remove 1/3 of it and see which one you prefer
  • For side sleepers, keep all the foam to get maximum support and comfort
Please note, that we have observed that 60% of people who purchase the Cloud pillow often buy a second one.

Based on ergonomic design, Cloud pillow provides hotel-quality softness, and also offer firm support needed to keep the neck in line, it moves with you as you sleep so there is never a time when you are left hanging.

This helps align the spine, which can reduce pain and pressure points in these areas.

Because every person sleeps differently, we believe that every pillow should also be adjusted accordingly.

Unlike traditional support pillows,the sleeping pillows features a zippered inner and outer cover, you can add or remove foam filling to find the perfect comfort level and enjoy a personalized sleep experience.

The dimensions of the Cloud pillow are 40 x 70 cm.

This means that the Cloud pillow fits in any normal pillowcase.

The Cloud pillow consists of two pillowcases. The inner pillowcase is intended to hold the cool shredded memory foam and the outer pillowcase is intended to manage the temperature.

The outer pillowcase cover is fabricated in bamboo on one side (white side) and it is warmer thant the blue and white side, which is made in cooling nylon.

The pillow uses premium shredded foam, which allows the pillow to let air through every area. Additionally, the infused temperature regulating cooling gel particles into the foam alleviate excessive heat, so no heat is captured during the night.

Remove the outer cover and machine wash (30º) or by hand, hang it dry, do not machine the pillow directly, do not use bleach.

Place the filling in a ventilated place for cleaning.

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Adjustable Height

Say goodbye to neck problems

The wrong pillow is the main reason for neck complaints.

Because most pillows are made of microfiber and feathers, they do not provide the support your neck needs during the night.

But fortunately we have come up with a solution: the Cloud pillow.

Because the ergonomic pillow can be fully adjusted to your wishes and sleeping position, this is the ideal pillow for every sleeper.

An ergonomic pillow to improve your sleep

Physiotherapists often recommend an ergonomic pillow.

A pillow that automatically ensures that you always fall asleep in a good sleeping position. These pillows often have the right height and adapt to your body type and sleeping position.

The Cloud pillow is an example of one of these pillows. The blanky pillow is ergonomic because you can adjust it to the desired height.

By removing a few handfuls of filling from the pillow you can decide what is best for you and keep your spine in a straight line.

Made with the best materials

Composed by an outter cover, an inner cover and cooling shredded memory foam as filling, the Cloud pillow is hypoallergenic. So it is perfect for people with allergies who can finally sleep peacefully.

The outter cover is half in bamboo (white side) and cooling nylon (blue and white side) to allow you to regulate the temperature during the night.

The inner material is fabricated with mattress memory foam, which is lighter and more resilient than the usual shredded memory foam pillows.

Our pillow as the OEKO-TEX certification.

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