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Weighted blankets are a naturally, clinically proven solution for improving sleep.  Do you remember spending the summer at your grandparents’ house and sleeping like a baby? We are bringing that back!

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Margarida Mendes

"By naturally stimulating the production of these hormones (melatonin and serotonin) (...) a weighted blanket contributes to better, longer-lasting sleep."

Sleep better...

90% feel that blanky improved their sleep

... and more relaxed...

76% are more comfortable with a blanky

... like a baby!

66% feel more relaxed in their daily activities

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They are very cool for hot nights and comfortable and soft for every night. Very good!


One word: FANTASTIC! I'm a nurse and with this pandemic situation... I haven't had a good night's sleep for 2 years.
Now? Now I sleep like an angel.


It's really true! I was skeptical at first with the price, but I ordered it and I can say I never had a bad night's sleep again. And another thing my partner is very hot so I ordered an ICE set with a cover for Blanky and he says he never woke up sweaty again.


I didnt know it was possible to have a fully night of sleep...but it is!! Thanks blanky


The blanket exceeded my expectations, it is very comfortable and helps you sleep better. I also liked the cover although the fastening system is a bit complicated.


Really impressed with their customer handling - and their belief in the product really shows in the way take care. Super speedy delivery and very high quality blanket too - really impressed!


I already had one, I already knew it. It's super comfortable.

blanki covers for heavy blanket

I was a little skeptical, but the truth is that after trying it I feel it was really worth it. Would recommend to anyone. Too bad there is no option to give 6 stars!


Good afternoon, I thought it was very good, although it takes a little time to tie all the ties, which are really useful. Product is excelent, I'm sleeping better and more comfortable.

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Our social comittment

We donate some of our blankets to NGOs working with those that have sleeping issues.

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Quality sleep is the foundation of our daily lives – from our focus and motivation to our diet and well-being, it all starts with good sleep.

ICE - Europe's COOLEST weighted blanket

We know how hot summer can get in Europe... And we also know how it can get in the way of good sleep!

That's why we created our cooling weighted blanket. Made with viscose bamboo - an innovative material fresh to the touch and naturally cooling.

Get back to a good night's sleep with the cooling embrace of blanky ICE.


Learn how a weighted blanket can improve your sleep



How does it work and what do the doctors say

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Isabel Silva

"I have a blanky at home and I've slept with it for a week (...) I stopped having trouble falling asleep (...) and even better: I started sleeping the entire night without waking up"


Your weighted blanket should have about 10% of your weight, unless you sleep with a partner. In that case, we recommend you follow the weight indications of our product page (which is normally circa 20% of the lightest person in the couple).

blanky is made with the finest cotton to ensure a suitable temperature for both spring and autumn. In winter, we recommend adding one of our winter covers so that it becomes as warm as a duvet. In the summer, we recommend you use one of our ICE covers, to make sure you can sleep under it, regardless of how hot it gets outside!

Your blanky can be dry cleaned (recommended) or washed at 30 degrees. Please pay attention to the maximum weight your washing machine can handle if you choose to wash it at home, as your weighted blanket might be too heavy for it.

blanky does not have any kind of contraindications. We do however advise you to consult with your physician in case of pregnancy or doubts associated with a specific health condition (e.g. heart disease with pacemaker placement).

We offer:
- 100 nights free trial with free delivery and exchange / return;
- 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

For more information on how to exchange or return your blanky, visit our terms and conditions page.

Recommended by experts

blanky is recommended by doctors and psychologists as an effective solution for improving sleep.

Sleep is the foundation of our day, of which we derive energy, happinness and focus! A weighted blanket helps your body in getting what it needs when it counts!

Soft and cozy

We use advanced weaving technology to achieve perfect weight distribution.

In addition, our blankets have the best cotton and materials guaranteeing maximum comfort.