blanky Comfort
blanky Comfort
blanky Comfort
blanky Comfort
blanky Comfort
blanky Comfort
blanky being used by a couple (weighted blankets made in Portugal)

blanky Comfort

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Why sleep with a weighted blanket?

•   Recommended by specialists for a superior quality sleep
•   88% of people say they sleep better with a weighted blanket
•   Get a deeper and more relaxed sleep

Why choose blanky Comfort?

We are perhaps a bit selfish because blanky Comfort was created by us, for us. It aims to provide the best possible sleep experience a weighted blanket can provide and its made  in 100% cotton to guarantee:

•  Maximum comfort in your sleep (who doesn't love to sleep cozy?);
•  A hypoallergenic and anti-toxic blanket;
•  Perfect weight distribution;



If you sleep alone your blanket should have approximately 10% of your weight. 

For kids: we recommend the blanky kids from 15kg onwards. 


If you are lucky enough to share your blanky, we recommend that you choose according to the sum of both your weights:

< 130kg – 9kg

130-150kg – 11kg

>150kg – 13kg

The weight, texture and glass beads of your blanket create a comfortable pressure, almost like a massage. This pressure helps your brain release different hormones and calms your blood pressure and breathing. That’s why you say “goodbye” to anxiety and “hello” to good sleep. This technique is called Deep-Touch Pressure (DTP) and helps to:

• Reduce stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels (stress hormone? No thanks!).

• Increase the levels of happiness and well-being (serotonin, the happiness hormone).

• Relax, calm and uncomplicate.

In a recent study with over 450 participants, 90% said they slept better with a weighted blanket. Have you tried it?

We offer a 100-night guarantee. If you are not satisfied with blanky, we will refund your money.

Our blankets are designed to last ten years and our warranty policy covers manufacturing defects during the first three years of use! For more information, consult our Return Policy page, where you can find more details, or contact us.

You can either dry clean your blanky (recommended), clean it manually or use your domestic washing machine (at 30 degrees). If you are using your domestic machine please be aware of its weight limit, which may be below your blankets weight.

For greater protection and easier cleaning, you can choose one of our winter, ICE or cotton covers.

Want to replace your duvet? Use blanky with one of our winter covers and it will be exactly at the temperature you need for a great sleep.

Want to use it together with a duvet and/or in spring? Easy – use the blanky without a cover or with one of our cotton covers and you'll have the perfect blanket for spring nights.

So what about the summer? Well, that's exactly why we created our ICE covers. They make our blankets the perfect companion for anyone who wants to sleep “with something on top” without dying of heat during those torrid summer nights.

And now? Well, now… Sleep well and dream: all year long!

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• All debit and credit cards

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Your product will be delivered in 4 to 8 working days for FREE (for orders above €150 in Europe).

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What makes blanky different

The best materials

Even weight distribution

Only blanket recommended by doctors

The secret

How does it work?

Our blanket's weight is evenly distributed, providing a comforting embrace of Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). By applying gentle pressure, cortisol (stress hormone) levels are reduced while serotonin (happy hormone) and melatonin (sleepy hormone) levels are increased.

You can expect to fall asleep faster, enjoy longer periods of uninterrupted sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Feeling cold?

Check out our winter bundle


Shop This
Feeling the heat?

You may want some ICE...


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Connect the blanket and the cover

Click play to learn how

We do more... for you!

- 100 night trial

- Interest free installment plan

- Free shipping for most European countries

- 3-year warranty

Hypoallergenic and soft!

Everything we do... We make it for you.

And that's why all of our blankets are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and made with extreme care.

It's good for us, for you, and for the kids. That's why we are the only European brand recommended by doctors, hospitals, and sleep clinics...

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