Discover how blanky is changing Europe's sleep

Margarida Mendes

"By naturally stimulating the production of melatonin and serotonin (...) a weighted blanket contributes to better, longer-lasting sleep."

Studies show you sleep better with a weighted blanket

88% of users feel an improvement in their sleep

Reduction of anxiety in 63% of users.

78% of people stop suffering from insomnia

Up to 30% of Europeans have sleep issues. These problems can range from mild (taking a long time to fall asleep) to very severe (chronic insomnia) and lead to long-term effects on our health.

Studies show that poor sleep is directly responsible for 15% of Alzheimer's cases and increases by 20% the probability of suffering a heart attack.This is because our bodies need to rest to recover from the challenges of everyday life. When we have restless sleep, that recovery does not happen.

Weighted blankets are natural alternatives to anxiolytics, sleeping pills and supplements that "help" us sleep better. They have been used for over 15 years to treat disorders such as autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder (“OCD”), ADD and anxiety.

Studies show that 88% of weighted blanket users reported a significant improvement in their sleep quality.More than 50% of people who had chronic insomnia recovered from it with the help of a weighted blanket.

For all these reasons it helps us to be healthier, feel better and be happier.

Now, dream.

And, best of all...
You have 100 days to find out if blanky is for you!