blanky's manufacturing

We use glass beads (non-toxic and heat-resistant) in our blankets to ensure a hypoallergenic blanket with the best possible weight distribution. Most competitors use toxic fillings and this is one of the most important points about our blanket.

As for the outer cover, we opted for 100% cotton which, due to its natural composition, does not harm the skin and has the advantage of being a fabric that does not accumulate mites or dust.

The 7 magical layers

blanky holds a total of seven layers that have been studied and tested to ensure your sleep becomes both healthier and more comfortable.

The first and seventh layers are 100% cotton and have a double-layer inner lining. The second and sixth allow the glass beads to move. The third and fifth consist of a layer of hybrid polyester of low and high density that prevents leaks and tears.

And in between... the magic of the glass sand grains.

The #1 european weighted blankets brand

Each of our blankets is produced to with the highest quality standards, being made of 100% cotton for maximum comfort and filled with perfectly distributed treated glass beads – the real trick to the relaxing effect of blanky! That's why it feels like a hug!

Made in Portugal

You may have heard of Portugal’s beautiful beaches and incredible cuisine, but did you know that the country is also known for its top-quality textiles? Going to a 5-star hotel and wondering where those amazing bath towels were made? Well, the answer is probably Portugal.

That’s why it’s been a goal of ours since day-1 to bring our production to the country – the best products should also get the best manufacturers, right?

We have worked closely with the top textiles companies in the country to add our expertise to their technology and make products that are both innovative and of great quality (such as the largest weighted blanket in the world, which is obviously a blanky!).

Please note: weighted blankets that are made in Portugal are marked as such on our website.