How to choose a weighted blanket

You have heard of weighted blankets and their therapeutic capabilities, but you might be in doubt about which one is better for you… After all, with so many options available, how do you know which one to pick?

Well… We are here to help. From understanding exactly what a weighted blanket is to enabling you to pick the best blanket for couples to snuggle under of for your little one to relax with: we have it all in this article.


In this article:

  • How to choose a weighted blanket
  • The perfect weighted blanket for couples
  • The perfect weighted blanket for singles
  • The perfect weighted blanket for hot sleepers
  • The perfect weighted blanket for the winter
  • The perfect weighted blanket for kids


How to choose a weighted blanket


Like your mattress or your t-shirt, not all weighted blankets are made equal. However, because this is a relatively new article in our homes, you may sometimes get a bit lost on what really differentiates them. Don’t worry – we are here to help. For us, there are a few things you should be looking for to understand what you are buying:

  • The fabric quality
  • The inner filling
  • Cover vs. no cover
  • Size
  • Weight

The fabric quality

Most weighted blankets (especially the cheaper ones you can find on amazon) are made of a low-grade polyester. Their touch won’t feel nice and the materials might even irritate your skin, but this is what makes them cheap. A mid-range blanket will be made of good microfibre (e.g. 105gm) and the exceptionally good ones are normally made of cotton (in sateen or 300 thread percale) – these will have a really nice touch and, because cotton is an organic material, they will be great to your skin.

The inner filling

Plastic fillings were used a lot a few years ago, but these days glass beads are the most common filling for weighted blankets. They are hypoallergenic, antitoxic, and strongly recommended by us – do not even think of buying anything else. The good news is that most brands use them these days!

Cover vs. no cover

Some brands offer no covers and do not prepare their blankets to be used with covers either. However, if you want to change the blanket’s temperature during the year and ease the washing process on yourself, you might want to opt for one (it’s much easier to throw a cover on the washing machine then the blanket itself). We at blanky, for example, offer a range of covers for winter, summer, and everything in between.


You will want to adjust your weighted blanket to your bed, and size is THE key factor in that. A lot of the cheaper options you can find on amazon are small in both width and length and inappropriate for most European beds. Most brands offer options for single beds, but it can be tricky to find larger sizes.


The most important factor in a weighted blanket, yet also one of those where we most see people commit mistakes. Cheaper brands tend to offer only one weight option and they try to convince you that “one-size-fits-all”, which is just not true. You will want to adjust the weight of your blanket to reflect the size you have picked but also your own weight – individual use blankets should have approximately 10% of your weight while blankets to be used for couples should have approximately 20% of the weight of the lightest user (for easiness you can also consult the table of weights below).


Individual usage:

  • 15-40kg – 3kg blanket or 5kg blanket (if it’s a queen-size)
  • 40-60kg – 5kg blanket or 7kg blanket (if it’s a queen-size)
  • 60-80kg – 7kg blanket
  • 80-100kg – 9kg blanket

Couples (weight of the lightest person):

  • <50kg – 9kg blanket
  • 50-70kg – 11kg blanket
  • >70kg – 13kg blanket


The perfect weighted blanket for couples

If you are going to use your weighted blanket with your loved one you probably want it to be the right size, the right weight and spot-on temperature wise. That’s why our prime recommendation for you is the blanky spring – available in both 200x220cm and 240x240cm and fit for all stations, so that your blanket lasts as long in your bed as your loved one in your arms!

The perfect weighted blanket for singles

We know you. Some of us here at blanky are you. And so, in this case, we are not really picking a blanket for you… We are just telling you about the one we use. And you really can’t go wrong with the blanky spring – the cover makes it easy to clean and its available on all sizes and weights. Furthermore, because the cover is in 300 thread cotton, you are going to feel comfortable with your blanket the whole year around.


The perfect weighted blanket for the winter

The winter is coming – we all know that. The question is: are you ready for it? Well, with our blanky winter you will be. The winter cover makes your blanket as warm as the best duvets and turns it into the perfect companion for the snowy, winter nights – add a hot chocolate and a good book and we promise you a great night…

… Unless you wake up in the morning with the hot chocolate cold, and the book only half-red because the blanket was so warm, and cosy and nice that you just fell asleep.



The perfect weighted blanket for hot sleepers

For hot sleepers our recommendation could not be other than our ICE weighted blanket. The duvet cover uses a special bamboo fabric to pull heat away from your body, releasing your warmth into the air and helping you sleep cool and dry all night long. It feels like a gentle hug that calms your body and helps you sleep easy, without tossing and turning throughout the night.

It will always feel cool to the touch when you go into bed, and it won't ever go above your body temperature – that’s the blanky promise.


The perfect weighted blanket for kids

We all want the best for our little ones (even when they are slightly bigger), and that’s the whole thought process behind how the blanky kids was created. Antitoxic and hypoallergenic? Check. Super comfortable? Check. Will make you kid complain about not waking up on time for the cartoons during the weekend? Check (believe me – it happened with me nephew). Available in both single bed (3kg) and queen bed (5kg) sizes, so that they get exactly what they need.