Better sleep starts here

Do you remember spending the summer at your grandparents’ house and sleeping like a baby? blanky is bringing that back!

How to use your blanky

7 nights

Give yourself at least 7 nights to get used to your weighted blanket

Fully cover yourself

Covering yourself from feet to shoulders will give you the best sleep experience


Feeling too hot or cold? Add or take a layer on top of your blanket (or use one of our covers)

How to wash your blanky

Dry clean or...

Dry cleaning your blanky is the best way to make it feel loved

... machine wash at 30°C ...

Please be aware of your machine's weight limit, which may be below your blankets weight.

... or avoid it using a cover

For greater protection and easier cleaning, you can choose one of our winterICE or cotton covers.

How to wash your bedsheets

Machine wash at 30º

Or as cold as you possibly can! Dry cleaning or hand washing them is even better! The sheets are sensitive and they will last longer if you take good care of them.

No bleach

Taking good care of your sheets is also about the kind of products you use in washing - please avoid bleach!

Cold ironing, no steam

You can iron the blanky sheets (in fact, they should be super easy to iron), but please do so in the coldest temperature possible and without using any steam.

Share the love

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Helping the world sleep better

Our social commitment has its genesis in the idea of “0 waste”. We collaborate with several institutions specialising in areas where a weighted blanket can be useful.

When you buy a blanky, you are also helping those who need it the most. With every purchase of a blanky: you sleep well and so do they.

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